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Infrared electrical inspections are completely safe, fast, and very reliable. These inspections are non contact and can be performed at any time of the day without disturbing the occupants or shutting down the electrical supply to your home.

Nearly everything that transmits electricity will get very hot before it finally fails. A cost effective power management is critical to maintaining the reliability of the electrical system throughout your home before it causes a fire. A deficient connection between electrical components can result in resistance, which will manifest in an apparent temperature elevation when compared to similar types of connections under similar load conditions. Electrical hot spots can be identified in many areas throughout your home, which include faulty wiring, overloads at electrical connections and components throughout your home, overloaded or undersized circuits, defective circuit breakers that are in need of immediate replacement, hot branch wiring, defective wall switches and outlets, as well as any loose overheating connections, especially with any aluminum wiring connections.

I will safely scan all electrical equipment in and around your home, looking for thermal patterns that indicate a heating anomaly. Most of your electrical connections will always appear as “Hotter” areas, but the more severe heating anomalies will be detected with infrared imaging and this fire safety issue will be brought to your attention immediately. I will then prepare a highly detailed infrared electrical report that will include all thermal and digital images in a side by side comparison format. Your report will detail the absolute temperature measurements, along with outlining the severity of the anomaly. Underneath these images, you will find my recommendations for correcting any dangerous situations.

An undetected electrical weakness in your home can lead to deadly house fires and a catastrophic failure of your electrical system. For the safety of you and your family, I recommend you have your entire electrical system thermally scanned on an annual basis.

infrared line

This panel is absolutely fine, but the IR image (on the right) is detecting 3 hot spots. Only an experienced Thermographer will be able to properly interpret those three hot spots as normal temperatures for AFCI and GFCI breakers.

hot electrical detected


infrared line

Now...we've got issues

hot breaker detection

infrared line

hot wiring detection


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I have had MassSave energy audits at my house in the past, but for some reason, there were still a few droughts that couldn't be identified. I am a real estate broker and have come to know the excellence and professionalism that Dave Valley brings to home inspections. When I learned that Dave also does thermal imaging audits, I thought that it would be a really good idea to hire him to do an infrared thermal imaging inspection. The findings from the thermal imaging inspection and the report that Dave created allowed me to see exactly what areas did not have insulation and this has enabled me to start tackling the remaining droughts in the house.

The major location where there was no insulation was on the flat roof above my roughly 400 square foot kitchen. All heat would just disappear through the flat roof above the kitchen. It was quite revealing and I never would have had this level of insight through thermal eyes without hiring Dave to do a thermal inspection with his infrared camera. Granted, it was difficult to follow up on Dave's recommendation "just rip out the kitchen ceiling and spray foam the entire roof and ridge line." I thought "ok, sure .. ugh!". I tackled this project though and thoroughly spray foamed the entire kitchen roof. The difference is incredibly measurable.

Now, to tackle several of the other locations identified in Dave's thermal imaging report. I highly recommend to hire Dave Valley to do a thermal imaging inspection and report for your home "prior" to doing an MassSave energy audit. The imaging report will help you immensely in pointing out your insulation needs and keeping the heat inside in winter and the cool inside in summer.

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